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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Thing #1 (actually completed Feb 15)

I enjoyed making my own avatar so much, that I made one of my husband also. As you can see, we are both outdoor and pet people. I will be interested to see where this learning experience takes me, and if I am intelligent enough to figure it out.

Thing #2

If you ask anyone I work with, they will tell you I don't like change. What they never seem to hear is the rest of the sentence, "I don't like change -- if it is only for the sake of change". Just because you can do something a different way, doesn't mean it's a better way. However, I do realize that technology is important, and keeping up on technology is hard. After watching that video and reading that article, I have decided that this whole 23 things process is going to be very difficult for me. I consider myself a fairly intelligent person, but I don't even know most of the terminology used by these people, and I wonder if I really have the time to learn what they are talking about, not to mention what it is going to take to learn all these web tools.

We are always told that customer service is our main priority. In order for me to provide my best customer service, I need to get patron holds ready for pick up, process books for people to check out, etc... However, this 23 things thing is going to get me more familiar with the technology end of things, therefore providing better customer service. However, I have to put my other things on hold to do it, therefore not providing good customer service in that aspect of my job. In other words, I have a Catch 22 situation (hey, that's a book)!

I do believe that technology is here to stay, but I also believe it is not the be all and end all of a libraries existence. There is another aspect to libraries and that is BOOKS. There may be
e-books, but who can curl up with their computer?
All in all, I guess I am on the fence about this whole thing.